The beauty of serenity, sensuality pushed to its limits The Mariantònia Oliver dance company was formed in Barcelona in 1989 and has been based in Mallorca since the year 2000. After creating 15 [...]


Petita Lula (Little Lula) is a fun piece with three exquisite dancers and a porter.Three friends move house and arrive at a new location where they are not too sure whether they are part of [...]


BOBOT in ChickaforniaWhere is reality? Where is fantasy? On the stage? In front of the stage? Who imagines whom—the man the chicken or the chicken the man?A space of shadows and [...]


Rasss, contemporary dance show based on the game, fantasy and comedy of the absurd.Three dancers, a percussionist and an illumination that draws and defines the stage space with an enveloping [...]


La Contínua is a whole, a house with all its rooms. A commitment not only to language but to dramaturgy. La Contínua communicates a story from the poetic that fills the senses and plays with the [...]


Cia Mariantònia Oliver, with interactive audiovisual creation group Playmodes, visual and visual research group Luthiers Drapaires and Las Lo Las, join forces to create NO_RES, a [...]

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