TROBADES invite to discover a playful and poetic world cadenced by dance, acrobatics, theatre and music and inhabited by 5 actors-dancers-funambulists, forged to a powerful body theatricality.

Our diversity has led us to find a common artistic material, a unifying theme: complicity, the main subject of the piece.

Complicity to create and share fantastic atmospheres proper to our personalities. Complicity to overcome communication problems and to enter in a simple language. Complicity to adjust our differences and to open common áreas. Complicity to play, between individual freedom and curiosity of the other.

We want to offer to young audiences in our respective countries a “mesclade” (mix) of forms and means of expression – contemporary dance, circus, music, singing, shadow theater – a concert of our languages, foreign and yet so close! 
We want to make with TROBADES a poetic journey through all our peculiarities, guided by the game, at the mercy of encounters and discoveries of all kinds where the only necessary muscle is Imagination!