The beauty of serenity, sensuality pushed to its limits The Mariantònia Oliver dance company was formed in Barcelona in 1989 and has been based in Mallorca since the year 2000. After creating 15 [...]


Las Muchas talks about fragility. Fragility related to age, bodies that no longer belong to the social corpus, which are no longer in the official market, but are actually more alive and free [...]


Malmenats suggests a reflection on the roles we have to play in these times of crisis and transformation. In this piece we question the validity of the limits we impose on ourselves as well as of [...]


Encaixar is a dance performance that walks through different personal imaginaries and inner landscapes, from the most essential physicality.Encaixar’s creation has been a passionate and [...]


TROBADES invite to discover a playful and poetic world cadenced by dance, acrobatics, theatre and music and inhabited by 5 actors-dancers-funambulists, forged to a powerful body [...]


Volen, volen… is a show dedicated to the little ones, those who don’t play, but rather take life as a game.A performance that includes dance and circus, that develops a wordless language, [...]


Petita Lula (Little Lula) is a fun piece with three exquisite dancers and a porter.Three friends move house and arrive at a new location where they are not too sure whether they are part of [...]


Na Llauneta Recicla, a performance with characters who come up close and tell us through dialogue and the language of theatre-dance about the reality we face everyday. The problem of urban waste. [...]


BOBOT in ChickaforniaWhere is reality? Where is fantasy? On the stage? In front of the stage? Who imagines whom—the man the chicken or the chicken the man?A space of shadows and [...]

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