Malmenats suggests a reflection on the roles we have to play in these times of crisis and transformation. In this piece we question the validity of the limits we impose on ourselves as well as of those that others try to impose on us (regarding age, gender, body, organization…)

Na Llauneta Recicla

Na Llauneta Recicla, a performance with characters who come up close and tell us through dialogue and the language of theatre-dance about the reality we face everyday.


Cia Mariantònia Oliver, with interactive audiovisual creation group Playmodes, visual and visual research group Luthiers Drapaires and Las Lo Las, join forces to create NO_RES, a multidisciplinary great format performance...


Encaixar is a dance performance that walks through different personal imaginaries and inner landscapes, from the most essential physicality.


BOBOT in Chickafornia

Where is reality? Where is fantasy?
On the stage? In front of the stage?
Who imagines whom—the man the chicken or the chicken the man?


Poetry is often associated with the intimate and solitary activity of reading and writing. Also as art has developed throughout history, it has come to recognise the richness that can be generated through the convergence of different artistic disciplines, languages and genres.


Trobades invite to discover a playful and poetic world cadenced by dance, acrobatics, theatre and music and inhabited by 5 actors-dancers-funambulists, forged to a powerful body theatricality.


Rasss, contemporary dance show based on the game, fantasy and comedy of the absurd.


nOu is a performance that unites dance and circus. The essence of the game fills the stage and everything is possible thanks to the characters. Three moving bodies that will make us dream and laugh and teach us that things happen, they are not told.

Petita Lula

Petita Lula (Little Lula) is a fun piece with three exquisite dancers and a porter.

La Contínua

La Contínua is a whole, a house with all its rooms. A commitment not only to language but to dramaturgy.


Mapes talks of identity of individual in his way of being, of perceiving, of translating that to be in a form within the space.


We create a space where the essence of game is totally linked to musicality.

La Paraula i els Peus nus

In La paraula i els peus nus poetry becomes three-dimensional, inhabits a shared present where he talks beyond the domains of logic. Poetry is physical, sonorous, sensory, dancing with volumes, electric silence and skin chills.

L’Homenet i el Despistat

L’Homenet i el Despistat is a didactic dance and theater show that manages to create a world of fantasy in any place every day – a classroom, playground or a room of events -. Directed for children 3 to 9 years old.