The essence of the game fills the stage space, and everything becomes possible thanks to three characters, the music and the light. Things happen, they don’t count. Eyes, nose, ears and skin will be needed so that we don't lose anything. We will laugh and be scared of the lady in the shoes, the seesaws will make us dream, the snail dress will disturb us, bodies and things will fly non-stop and you will also want to play with it! The poetics of the body and the risk taken by the characters keep us enchanted throughout the show. The beauty of the images and the sound space transports us to remote and dreamy places and, at the same time, very well known. Three characters and their actions will captivate us. Three moving bodies, sweet, loose, hard, heavy, stiff, light and powerful, children and adults ... will make us dream, laugh or shout!

Theatre format: 55 min

Outdoors format: 25 min